SC28.23 24VAC/DC Astronomical Timer

Digital Astronomical Timer 24V – Din Rail Mounting

Make: Hugo Muller

Country of Origin: Germany


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  • Overview
    • 2 Channel
    • Daily & Weekly Program
    • Astronomical Program
    • Extra Switching times
    • 60 Memory Locations
    • 10 year battery-reserve
    • Minimum Interval 1 min
    • Switching Capacity 16 A
    • Manual Permanent Mode
    • Manual override
    • Elapsed time and pulse counter
    • Security by PIN-Code
    • Illuminated Display
    • Data-key function


  • Technical Data
Supply voltages 24 V, 50-60 Hz
other voltages on request
Power consumption (real power) 0,8-1,8 W (depending on the switching status)
Channel (potential-free) Change-over, contact gap < 3 mm (µ)
Contact material AgSnO2
Switching capacity per channel
resistive load:
inductive load:
16 A / 250 V~ at cosφ=1
10 A at cosφ=0,6
Min. switching power 1.000 mW (10 V / 10 mA)
Max. starting current 50 A
Filament Lamp, Halogen Lamp 2.000 W
Fluorescent Lamp with electron. lamp ballast 1000 W
Fluorescent Lamp with convent. lamp ballast 750 W
LED (230 V~) / CFL 400 W
Switching functions
Offset Astro switching time +/-90min.
Memory locations 60
Minimum interval 1 Min.
Time base Quartz
Quartz accuracy
(at 20°C)
≤±0,5 Sec./day (Quartz accuracy optimized for typical ambient conditions)
Power back-up (at 20°C) approx. 10 years
(depends on the Lithium-battery life)
Program security unlimited (E2-Prom)
Display high resolution LCD
(visible area 7,5 cm2)
Permitted ambient temperature –30°…+55°C
Housing self-extinguishing thermoplastic
Dimensions 45 x 35 x 58 mm
Mounting 35 mm DIN-rail
Type of connection Screw terminals (pull-up type)
Type of protection IP 20 to DIN EN 60529
Class of protection II when installed according to regulations
Mode of operation
(DIN EN 60730-1)
(DIN EN 60730-2-7)
Degree of contamination
(DIN EN 60730-1)
Rated surge voltage
(DIN EN 60730-1)
4 kV
(not included in delivery)
Data-key DK pro
Programming package PP 50 pro
Programming package PP 60 pro
Certification mark VDE
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