972424 Digital Twilight Switch

Digital Twilight Switch 230V

Make: Hugo Muller

Country of Origin: Germany


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  • Digital twilight switch
  • DIN-rail mounting 35mm
  • Switching capacity 16A
  • Adjustable lux threshold 1 – 50,000 Lux
  • Twilight switch with Daily, Weekly and Yearly Program
  • Permanent switching by date
  • Programmable with PC and Smartphone


Technical data

Supply voltage 230 V, 50–60 Hz
Power consumption (real power) 0,8–1,8 W (depending on the switching status)
Channel (potential-free) Change-over, contact gap < 3 mm (µ)
Contact material AgSnO2
Switching capacity
resitive load:
inductive load:
16 A / 250 V~ at cosϕ=1
6 A bei at cosϕ=0,6
Min. switching power 1.000 mW (10 V / 10 mA)
Max. starting current 50 A
Filament Lamp, Halogen Lamp 2.000 W
Fluorescent Lamp with electron. lamp ballast 1.000 W
Fluorescent Lamp with convent. lamp ballast 750 W
LED (230 V~) / CFL 400 W
Switching functions Lux; Night OFF; Day ON; yearly program
Adjustable lux threshold 1–50.000 Lux
Adjustable delay times 00:01 bis 59:59 mm:ss
Adjustable light-hysteresis 0–50%
Memory locations 60
Minimum interval 1 Min.
Time base Quartz
Quartz accuracy (at 20°C) ≤ ±0,5 sec./day (Quartz accuracy optimized for typical ambient conditions)
Power back-up (at 20°C) approx. 10 years (depends on the Lithium-battery life)
Program security unlimited (E2-PROM)
Display high resolution LCD (visible area 7,5 cm2)
Permitted ambient temperature Sensor unit –30°…+55°C
Control unit –30°…+55°C
Housing self-extinguishing thermoplastic
Dimensions 45 x 35 x 58 mm
Mounting 35 mm DIN-rail
Type of connection Screw terminals (pull-up type)
Type of protection Sensor unit IP 54 nach DIN EN 60529
Control unit IP 20 nach DIN EN 60529
Class of protection II when installed according to regulations
(not included in delivery)
Data-key DK pro,
Programming package PP 50 pro / PP 60 pro
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