Revalco Current Transformer Primary: 2000A-4000A Series: TAR12E

Current Transformer – Low Voltage – Busbarr 120x50mm

Make/Brand: Revalco

Country of Origin: Italy


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The CT makes it possible to measure high current values, and indicate, these using instruments of much lower rating.

  • Primary Current:
    *2000A AC – Cable Max: 50mm
    *4000A AC – Cable Max: 50mm
  • Burden:
    *2000A – 20VA
    *4000A – 30VA
  • Vertical Bar: 120x50mm – 100x50mm
  • Secondary Current:  5A AC
  • Accuracy Class: 0.5
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Dimensions: 150H x 167W x 50D mm
  • Approval: CE Mark
  • Weight:
    *2000A – 1,102g
    *4000A – 1,282g
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