ST21 Smart Temperature Sensor Orvibo

Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Make: Orvibo

Country of Origin: China


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The temperature and humidity sensor allows you to monitor these values ​​in real time and thanks to the mobile app you can keep track of them anytime, anywhere. The device allows connection to, for example, a smart air conditioner or a humidifier and on / off based on the measured values. You will never have to deal with colds from excessive air conditioning, shallow breathing from high temperatures or dry nasal mucosa with low air humidity.

  • Product Name: Smart Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • Product Size: 60×60×20.8 mm
  • Working Voltage: DC3V (1 CR2450 battery)
  • Standby Current: ≤10μA
  • Networking Way: ZigBee auto networking
  • Wireless Distance: ≤100m (open area)
  • Working Temperature: -15℃-60℃
  • Working Humidity: Max95%RH
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