VS20ZW ZigBee Mini Hub Orvibo

ZigBee Mini Hub Smart Host 5V 1A

Make: Orvibo

Country of Origin: China


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Create your own Smart Home network with the Zigbee Smart Hub through the Internet and allows you to control, monitor and maximize efficiency for over 100 different devices that use our ZigBee based outlets, switches, dimmers, light bulbs and security products. Support two-way feedback in real time. Users know the status of lights, curtains, windows, doors and sensors in real time.

  • ORVIBO ZigBee Smart Hub
  • Communication protocol: ZigBee HA
  • Networking mode: ZigBee automatic networking
  • Material: PC+ABS
  • Power Supply: 5V 1A MicroUSB
  • Wireless standard: IEEE 802.15.4
  • Working Frequency:2.4GHz
  • Working Channel:11,14,15,19,20,24,25
  • Modulation mode: OQPSK
  • Encryption: AES128
  • Communication rate: 250Kbps
  • Wireless transmitting power: ≤18dBm
  • Wireless receiving sensitivity: ≥-90dBm
  • Size: (L)88mm (W)90mm (D)27mm
  • Packing List: ZigBee Mini Hub Modem, Micro USB, Network Cable, Adaptor, UK/US/AU/EU Adapter Substitute
  • Support local and remote control, Lighting, air conditioners, TV, curtains, screens and other home appliances
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